End-to-end encryption for everyone

Welcome to Brandis

This app is intended to illustrate the ease with which secure, end-to-end encryption can be achieved in modern web browsers, using only a small amount of JavaScript code. Brandis does not implement encryption itself; instead, it relies on the Web Cryptography API provided by your browser, and simply exposes a user interface to this API that enables its use by non-programmers.

To get started, generate a public/private keypair using the button at the top, and follow the instructions from there.

The source code for this app is in the public domain, and can be accessed on GitHub. We recommended that you download this page to your computer and use it offline. If you're a programmer, you can inspect the source code to check for backdoors.

Note: Currently the app only works on the latest desktop versions of Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

Brandis is primarily intended as a demonstration; it was put together in less than a day. For real-world usage, we recommend more established software such as GnuPG.

Recipient's public key
Plaintext message
Encrypted message
Your private key
Encrypted message
Plaintext message
Public key
This is your public key. Copy & paste it to a text file on your computer. Share this file with anyone with whom you want to communicate securely. They can use it to encrypt messages that only you can read.
For optimal security, do so in person, rather than online. This way, the other person can be certain that it's yours, not someone pretending to be you.
Private key
This is your private key. Copy & paste it to a text file on your computer. Do not share it with anyone else, as it can be used to decrypt any messages sent to you.
For more security, store it offline on a USB drive instead of your computer, or generate a new one on a separate computer that is not connected to the Internet and use that instead.